life thoughts (poem)

“To look like her,” are my constant thoughts

no feeling like one to self can be topped

an internal war has been fought

time and time again, when will it stop?

Many feelings I’ve learned to suppress

Out of fear they’d know my deepest secrets

Insecurity, how shallow a thing

Yet ever more so real and existing

Affecting all, big and small

Even up until their their very fall

From size to health

Seemingly overwhelm

The minds of men and women alike

Why can’t we be like flowers in’t wild

Each in its own perfection

How beauty standards are a misconception

So tired of restricting myself

“Please let me be”

Life is nothing like fiction

Why can’t it that easy?

Adulting is not easy, let’s be clear

it seems to frequent occasional tears

One day I’ll be free

Free, from my own thoughts

That day I’ll be truly happy

But to get there I need to pray

So much I’ll one day let the world know

But as for now I’ll keep these thoughts on my phone

My last question for myself is this:

Why do I fear man so much

When I clearly don’t fear God enough


:sob: :people_hugging: the truth in this


this is beautiful, sakura!


Wow you captured my exact feelings.
Absolutely beautiful! :two_hearts:

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