Lifting loop

Hey, y’all! I was wondering if any of you guys know what a lifting loop is. I have come across this stitch in the Bear airpod case by @CROCHETRELLA . It is a free pattern so if any of you want to look into it you can for free.


I think this is the same issue that came up not too long ago… I think it is supposed to be a hanging loop, and it would be just a loop of chain or whatever specified stitches that will circle back on themselves to make a loop for hanging. I have no idea why some patterns call it a lifting loop


I asked the creator and they said a lifting loop is just a normal stich you are gonna do like in first you are gonna do 10 chain and then you are gonna do 8 double crochets in them and then on your last stich you are gonna add 3 DC in it. But thanks for the help!


Cool. I was just gonna say maybe it was the turning chain.


alright then, but so you know
in actual crochet terms “lifting loop” is a hanging loop, like on the corner of a potholder, but will not translate as such in some languages because of the words “hanging loop” translating to an inappropriate word.
it is not generally used in the place of “shell stitch” as it appears to have been done here.


Ok thanks!


I had the same issue with a pattern that was translated from Russian to English. The designer was Russian. It’s the way that it is translated literally.


because “hanging loop” translates to “noose” (or something similar) in other languages

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