Limit interface-breaking characters/symbols from Ribbuild

I discovered today that the " character in the title of your pattern results in a blank screen upon navigation back to the pattern, in read or build mode. I’m sure there are other special characters that would do this as well. I think it would be fantastic if there was a way for the text fields to not register these characters. I had no idea they were not compatible, and at this time all of my work is inaccessible since I was using Ribblr as advertised as an all-in-one space to write and share patterns, lol. Maybe an error message or some sort of screener for “character such as ! @ " % $ are not available for use in Pattern titles” for example, if that’s easier than making certain fields text-only?

(I have a support thread for my specific pattern that won’t display of course, but there are other patterns like mine from other users on the site that experience this as well, and it seems like a more efficient use of time going forward to make it so that people can’t enter text that isn’t compatible with the Ribbuild interface, rather than fix patterns as they break and people make support threads for them)


Thank you! We now added this support thanks to your feedback :partying_face:


Ribblr tech team is the best!!! :mechanical_arm::100::crown::crown::crown::crown:

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