Lion Brands Hometown

Good evening friends!

I hope you’re all having an awesome day, I was wondering if anyone here is a fan of Lion Brands Hometown yarn?
I’ve recently aquired 7 skeins (horray for sales!) in a few different colours,(two more skeins coming in the mail soon) I have a doll planned for one of them, an amigurumi snorlax planned as a gift for my partner, and I plan on using one of my tan skeins for a plant pot base. Also, I’m thinking about maybe making me a nice soft shawl for bad anixety days to cuddle up with because I love the weight and squishyness of it.
(Yes, I’ll have to order more for that one.)

Anyway, I was wondering if there are any other fans of Hometown here, and what are your favorite things to make with it? Or what have you made with it?

(Even if you’re not a fan of hometown, what are some of your favorite things to make with chunkier yarns?)


I found it frustrating to work with as a newbie, haven’t touched it since I started. Have some pretty color ways though.


I am definitely still a newbie, but I actually enjoy the more challenging yarns, and forcing myself to learn how to work with them.
If it’s frustrating then I’m going to learn something!