Looking for some Crochet besties! (I’m 22) 😊

I don’t really have hobbies… I do fiber arts as just a part of my every day life… But hubby and I enjoy D&D, movies, and cruises. And I do spend a large portion of my week cursing at the ribbuild program,but I’m not sure I’d call that a hobby


Im pretty young compared to you but I would love to be your friend.


Hello! Im a boy momma as well​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: just had my 2nd last week. Crocheting is my main hobby. I love making cute amigurumi, they’re taking over the house!


I’m probably older than all of you. I have grandchildren your age, and many more younger than you. #18 due in July! :tada:

I almost always have a hook in my hand, if not, I am creating a pattern.


Hiii!! I’m Michi from Indonesia! Let’s be friends!


Hello! I’m also from Texas :grin: I’m currently 20 (turning 21 this year), I’m currently working on a crochet blanket, any wip’s your on? :smile:


Hi! My name is Pam, I’m 45, and I live in Texas too! I have 9 children, 4 of which are boys, and I need my crochet by the end of the night! I mostly do toys, but sometimes venture into keychains and wearables and blankets. Thinking about picking knitting back up at some point as well! (I learned both when I was a teenager, but crochet was always easier for me.)


Welcome my Name is sophialina or Lina for short. I’ll be 49 in a few weeks and a mom of two adult boys around your age… I crochet alot!
ill chat with anyone :purple_heart:
I design crochet patterns, sew, cross stitch, basic knit, and scrapbook.
Im attempting to be more vocal on here myself so im up for making new friends.