Loops & Threads Super Bulky

This one is for @anoswaldoddity ! My very 1st yarn-review!

Loops & Threads Super Bulky yarn, some times the tag says “Chenille Home Slim” some others “Sweet Snuggles Lite” (I honestly cant see a difference other than the color)

This is my new favorite yarn! I love the feeling of it, and I love the end product look!

Now, I do warn you, it might not be an easy yarn to work with at first, so this yarn gets a good 8 out of 10 in my opinion. Here are more details!

  • I buy this yarn at Michaels, the Reg price is $10 but Michaels always has the 20% coupon available
  • It can be dificult to see your stitches if you arent used to bulky yarn
  • It comes in a good amount of colors (at least for me that im starting using it… Not sure how many colors they actually have)
  • It shreds like crazy!
  • Its soft
  • If you make the magic ring too tight, the end might shred to pieces leaving you with wasted yarn :sob:
  • Everyone loves the end product cause its huggable

Edit: here are the links i found with the actual product info!


Thank you darling!!
When you give away something made with this, ask how it is holding up after a couple months.
That way we can check on durability.


Thats a great idea! Especially cause I only use my amigurumis as “decorations” !


Totally agree! I love the feel of this yarn and gives a nice full coverage, but that shed is really something, and it can be an absolute pain if youre trying to sew pieces with it (there are workarounds, but still)!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!