Mandala Chart for beginners

“Little Spring Mandala”
Excellent ScrapBuster
Even better for improving ones understanding of crochet.
(not my work, but I learned how to make Mandalas from this pattern…)

For those who prefer written patterns,
simply “google” the name and you’ll find it…

for those who want to learn to read charts,
compare the two and things will begin to “make sense”.

This is an excellent beginner pattern, for those who are still “new” to crochet, and wish to progress to more complex crochet design.
If you can make out the stitches, then you “got this”.

Tip: Watch those stitch counts from the start.
I made a bunch of these with the wrong number of spokes. Still looked good, but I couldn’t turn them into “squares”.
(squares require spokes to be divisible by 4)

** I have no idea who to give credit to for the chart. This chart design can literally be seen everywhere, it’s kind of like the “Starburst Granny”. The “Little Spring Mandala” sometimes called “Small Spring Mandala” has been written up by several different designers, each claiming it’s their own design.


Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful! I love your colour choices! :yarn::purple_heart:


Lol…just a bunch of scrap yarn during the initial 2020 lockdown. We were completely locked down, so I started going thru my bucket list of things I wanted to learn/master. This was one. As EVERYTHING was also closed, I started going thru my “ugly stash” as well…Portland, Oregon at the time. Riots, Fires, Coin/Food/Soap Shortages and Lockdown…eeeeeeeeeek!! I stayed cheerful with crochet.


I love doing mandalas. They’re never just the same old stitches over and over and over again. They’re all so different in their own ways. And like you said, you get a lot of practice on different stitches.