Market bestsellers+Ideas

Hello, I am soon to be, doing my first market!
I wanted to know some bestsellers or just ideas.<)

If you HAVE done a market before I would also like to know the price :slight_smile: if that ok with you Ofc:)) ty!


You should do some frog plushies!! :frog:


What sells best depends on the market type your headed to. The cost of your space will also depend on what kind of market you’re going to, generally the more specialized the more expensive.

On the same note the more specialized the easier to plan for. When Pokemon Go was a thing you’d see little 3hr events that cost 50$ to join in but you knew only to bring Pokemon. That made it easy to make profit back. Meanwhile there’s a little market here that’s 11$ to get a space but people are selling everything from garage sale type stuff to handmade crafts and Chinese reseller stuff so it’s harder to know what to bring and often the handmade items in particular can go all day and not sell a single thing.

Farmers markets cost based on how big/long running they are I’ve seen 25-300$ - animals and practical things (clothing items) tend to sell well.

Conventions are usually 50-250$ range (big famous ones can be thousands though) and wat you bring is whatever the convention is themed for. So if it’s a shoe convention bring boot cuffs and accessories, not pokemon.

Craft markets specifically can be really iffy, and really depend on the reigion your in. You gotta know what the area likes or is known for, or else try to lean on seasonal items. Winter hats and gloves won’t sell tonwell in summer for instance. Prices for tables can varry over a huge range without much rhyme or reason. From what I’ve encountered it seems to be the more “hipster” the area the more the table costs, for no real reason.

Holiday markets are usually expensive but easy to please if you know everyone’s there to buy Christmas gifts for instance just figure out the age range of the shoppers at the location to figure out the kind of things they’ll buy. But these markets can last a week or more so can require a lot more stock.


Amigurumi (Animals/Plushies) things are what most crocheters are into!


Yeah I’m making a lot of plushies for my first market


In me and my friends school business our bestsellers are jellyfish (small for 2$ and large for 5$) and bucket hats (checkers or designed for 20$ and plain (one were making is a Shrek one) are 15$) good luck!


thank you!!!


I think I totally misunderstood, I thought you meant price of the market not of the items. :laughing:

To ensure you make profit or at least not lose money you’ll want to do some math rather then guess. I’ve never known any crafter to price themselves fair when guessing. Generally you need materials + time this is easiest on items that aren’t stuffed because you can weigh the item when you’re done to determine the yarn material cost. When it’s stuffed you gotta keep better track because then stuffing will throw your weight off.

You should time yourself making at least a few things if not all things so you know how much time to factor in.

If you guess on any of these things you’ll probably way undersell yourself.


Some amigurumi animals would be really cute! Good luck!


Anything frogs


The price of things is going to be a thousand percent up to your area. It’s so hard to know, but sometimes I look on Etsy and then think about it. You want to make sure you make profit, but also that you don’t just end up coming home with everything.

What sells best? In my vender groups people say bees, but then sometimes people say I didn’t sell a sing bee. I feel like it’s cause it’s so saturated. If you make bees, try and make em a lil different. I just went to a artist market and there were three crochet people there and everyone has bees, leggy frogs and basically everything I see on my online vendor groups, when they show up to markets.

I’m not saying don’t make bees and leggy frogs and such. Cause we all know they cute. Just don’t make that your whole thing. Add some items that really pop or are things that you normally don’t see. I recently bought the cutest crochet possum. Can I make it, yea but it was so cute I just bought it. I haven’t seen a possum this whole year, when I’ve just gone to events. I’ve also seen alligators, which I barely see. Amazingly, I don’t see a lot of turtles around here. Anyways that’s my two thoughts.

Try and scope out some local events to see what people are doing and gauge prices, so you can think about what you want to do. Hope that helps!



Frogs, bees, turtles, ducks, cows, dinosaurs, octopus, (anything aquatic usually does well), opossums, anything Sanrio or characters from well known shows/movies/anime, etc


Bucket hats, pouches/small bags, coasters, face scrubbies, cat/dog toys, etc

Of course popular items vary wherever you live, but most of these items stay pretty universal to people and will probably stay popular regardless of where you are. (Especially frogs lol)

As far as pricing goes that’s always completely up to the seller, I usually price my items off of size, complexity, and material cost. (I don’t bother timing myself- I forget)

Anyways, I hope this helps a bit. I wish you the best of luck! :dizzy::star_struck::sunflower:


I think lots of people like small stuff like little keychain frogs, or like chonky boi frogs, a lot of people like frogs for some reason. Or like rainbow flags for pride month or something? I bet a lot of those would sell.


Minis are popular! Definitely do a lot of minis.

Definitely watch this video i love this channel and she explains everything so well and offers so many tips and tricks!


My best sellers are mini bees and cows


Thank you so so much everyone! This is amazing!
As many recommended, frogs I made my own pattern today!!!
Pattern will come out soon!


I love crochetbygenna!


I absolutely love Genna!! I’ve been keeping up with her since her first vid! Def one of my fave YouTubers