Market Idea

Just had a funny thought.
Why not handle people using humor?
Have a yarn bowl with a hook, stitch marker and small bowl of red yarn.
A sign that says “think you can crochet? Be my guest and crochet an apple”.
In other words- shut your mouth.



My neurodivergent brain would see this and be like, ok lets do it. And you’d have me stood at your stall for an hour gushing over how much I love crochet :rofl:.


That would be great, I can handle that. It’s the people who say “You want $50 for this beanie? I can make this myself” SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

Move along, go to another table.

Obi Wan Mind GIF by Star Wars


Oh yeah, they are annoying.
Its easy to just not say rude things.


Part of my marketing is a pun. I have a little green stamp that I put on all of my price tags that has a little frog and says “toadily homemade” that makes people groan a lot. I think it leaves an impression.

I have also thought about selling little DIY kits for those who want to get into crochet, or want something they see but may prefer learning to make it for themselves so they can feel better about the money spent, there and down the line. For example, there is a market bag I designed that is one of my better sellers, and I have considered putting together a kit with all of the materials needed, and a print out of my written pattern so they can DIY it.

I think a lot of people are intimidated by crochet because it can look very confusing. The people that get cocky about it are usually the people that could benefit from learning, and a little DIY kit or learning station could benefit a lot of them.


Lol!! I had a market last night not one complained about the cost or that they could make it. But they definitely had to touch them.
Hilarious to observe. But I like this idea though clever :wink:




Another idea I had is “You’re more than welcome to support slave labor overseas if you think these items are overpriced. Thank you and have a nice day!”