Market strategies and patterns

Hi! I have a market coming up soon and I have had trouble finding some quick small patterns to make that I can sell for around $5-$10 do you guys have any ideas? Also, do you guys have any tips for staying motivated? @FriendsbyYarn @CrochetByMelly @allfromjade @crochetingclowns


Markets are always so exciting but also stressful!!! I have the following patterns that could be useful;

  • no sew gummy bear (takes 10-15minutes)
  • no sew loaf cat (takes 15-20 minutes) - mini version of other load cats so is quicker but still results in decently sized item!!

I am also working on a couple of other quick and easy patterns so keep a look out for them!!!


This might potentially help if you looking for some market patterns :blush::purple_heart: