Market tips topic!!

We can share tips and patterns for markets!! My question is… what’s a good way to interact with customers? And how much things should you make?


Be nice and treat them like a friend. Uhhh no more than 5 for shmol and no more than 15 for big but thats just me


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Personally, I’ve never done a market, (yet) but I’ve had to interact with customers online, and even in person, so here’s some tips.

be kind and welcoming! definitely smile towards people, and let them know that you’re open to answering any questions they might have. (also make sure you have the answers to those commonly asked questions lol)

know your prices, and when to say no to people who might try to offer you less for an item. your prices are your own prices, and if people aren’t willing to pay for them, then that’s on them.

As far as the quantity of items, id say that it really depends on the market and the typical amount of people that come. Id say anywhere from 100+ items should most likely be your goal, and maybe even extra for backstock in case you sell out of something, or theres something else someone wants.

some people also request certain things that theyd love to buy that you may not have, so it might be smart to bring a notebook or paper to write down things you might want to make in the future for people/markets!

hopefully this helps you out! good luck! <33


Eye contact and smiles are great. Just a simple “hi” is always nice. or “Let me know if you have any questions.” Ask if they crochet or knit or sew … makes it more personal. See if they are looking for anything specific. Mostly, if you have fun, they will too. Have something that will get kids attention. They might bring their mama back.


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@lunarcrochett brings up a lot of good points!
Smile lots and say hello to everyone.
As for how much inventory to make, my general rule is double how much you want to make. So for example, if you wanted to make $500 you would make $1000 in inventory.
People will give you feedback and ask you for things you don’t have, try to write it down!
At my 2nd market I had people repeatedly ask for more sharks, dinos, and purple items so I made sure to add those things to my next market and pretty much sold out of all of them.
Good luck!!


Bring business cards and have a QR code that links to your socials so people can follow you! Espppp do that if you take commissions (and write that near the QR code). What specifically to bring really depends on the type of market. If there’s a theme, you should be following the theme for at least half of your products. Personally, I’d bring everything I have just in case someone wants it lol