I am interested in doing some markets, but I don’t know where to start. I am really big fan of making like the bigger, crochet projects like the larger amis. Is it a good idea to sell those? Like I would make 1 of larger ones and then like a bunch if smaller like leggy frogs, ghosts, chickens and what not. I need help! Also what sells well at your markets?


honestly i would say just find one and go for it- looking at what sells well for other people could be good, but also, it’s something you might just want to play around with yourself. espcially if you live in a big city where there are markets you could sell at for free/cheap (i’m selling at my first market in april because it’s totally free to set up a table at :slight_smile: ). regardless, focus on making what you want to and having fun with it!!


I try to do like 60% smaller items and 40% bigger items.
The things I’ve noticed selling well for me are the “boyish” colors and patterns.
Dinosaurs, axolotls, turtles, leggy froggys, octos, mushroom bois, whales, etc.
The people who buy my items the most are mothers and grandmas looking for gifts for younger boys.
Light green, yellow, blues, purples, whites, and grays sell the best. Red is a 50/50 and pink is usually not bought.
It definitely depends on your area and the income of the people who will be at your market, so play around with different price points and sizes!
I hope you get to do lots of markets!
Have fun! :]


Markets are definitely a great idea! I have sold at multiple huge popular ones before, and they are a great thing to do. Not only can you make profit, but you also get to meet people and it’s an overall great experience!

I would recommend doing the following, as it works for me:

  • 30% Mini Things (Keychains, Bag and Car Charms, etc.)
  • 30% Small things (Desk Buddies, Just quick things in general)
  • 30% Big things (Larger plushies and jumbo things)
  • 10% Showstoppers (Detailed and Complicated things to catch people’s eye and draw them in)

The most popular items that sell at me markets are:

  • Keychains (bees, octopi, lip balm holders)
  • Octopi (any size works, I sell all sizes)
  • Bees (any size really, and try color combinations too)
  • Whales (there are on the larger side for me)
  • Leggy Frogs (in thinner and thicker yarn)
  • Scrunchies (really easy to work up, I sell them for $3 each and I sell about 10 each market)

If you have any other questions, let me know!
Hope this helps! : )