Marriner yarns

It’s my first time posting here but I didn’t know where else to find help​:weary:

I normally purchase marriner brand yarn from my local Shaws direct. However the store has had 50% off everything, I asked a store member if they were closing and she said hopefully not.
Well, as you can imagine the shelves were almost empty!
I’ve had a look on their website and the website seems to be down, so I think it’s look possible they are closing!

The marriner website is also ‘under maintenance’ so I can’t purchase off there.

I am wondering is anyone knows where I can purchase the same brand of yarn. If not, is there another brand of yarn that you use? It needs to be reasonably priced and with a good colour selection!


Most of their yarn was in house other than the himilaya baby. And maybe others I didn’t see.

There’s a lot of discussion about the future but no confirmation so I would working under the assumption they won’t be back for now.

The knitting network do emu yarn thats budget friendly and has loads of different styles and types.
I mostly buy my yarn from the nigltting network, wool warehouse and until nor marriners.

What type of yarn were you using til now?


Ohh that’s so sad!! It’s mainly their DK and the velvet yarns that I use.

I’ve seen loads of different options on hobbii website but I’m not sure they’re quite the same


I’ve only used cotton from hobbii so I’m not sure.
I’d think emu at the knitting network would be the closest to the dk but the velvet marriner done was just himalaya dolphin I’m sure but sourcing it elsewhere will be more pricey. There was some on etsy last I checked


I think you can purchase from Amazon but it’s £1.00 more expensive. Hope this helps <3


Im new-ish to crochet and I’ve only been working seriously for a few months. So far I have gotten most my yarn in store from hobbi lobby. It’s pretty good quality though I’m not the best person to judge quality because I’m a beginner ish. Yarn Bee is the brand they sell.