Math to crochet Half Circle

So if 6 in a magic ring is the base of a half circle how would I figure out the increases in subsequent rows if I started out with a multiple of 6-say 12 in the magic ring?


I like this tutorial How To Crochet The Perfect Half Circle! - YouTube


I just looked at that video! It does have the formula for the increases. She just used 6 in the magic ring.


For like a full circle type shape starting with 12sc in mr it would probably be similar to:

12sc in mr
12inc (24)
(sc,inc)x12 (36)
(2sc,inc)x12 (48) (and like continuing that similarly as the ones that start with 6sc)

Though it might get a little weird with that many stitches each round (like cone/bowl shape or something)

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Yes for a circle.
I did a lot of searching, there doesn’t seem to be a way to increase a half circle utilizing anything but 6 in the MR.
You can however increase the half circle using bulky yarn, or changing stitch type (dc or tr).

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