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Hellooo, I promise I’m not usually this annoying! My mum owns a shop and on her logo is a little monster and I’d love to crochet her one for her birthday. I have no idea how I’ll manage to come up with a pattern. Any ideas??
Blacked out picccc


Maybe something similar to a leggy frog?? Maybe a bee shaped body with leggy frog arms and legs?? And then the nose could be a bean shaped thing sewn on?

I’ve never made a pattern so I’m sorry that what I’ve said isn’t very technical :sweat_smile:


I think it could be done quite easily based on the shape, but I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking for? :sweat_smile: Is it how to write a pattern, how to make it (like suggested row counts) or something else?


Oh so it’s just mainly whether there’s any pattern I could poss edit? Also for the arms+ legs- I want them posable so maybe pipe cleaners or smthing? But yeh just tips mainly!


For creating a pattern I would look at how to make cylinders, if you don’t want to create a pattern I would look for a smooth pickle pattern and use fluffy/furry yarn and either crochet some limbs to sew or sc/sl st into the body of that makes sense :smile:


I was actually thinking about something like this as well :slight_smile: Great suggestion! But I think almost any pickle pattern would do–most of the ones I see use bobble or puff stitches and will probably turn out flat if one replaces those with a normal sc. Mentioning it just in case (I don’t know how many smooth pickles there are) :slight_smile:
And @AmigurumiArtist , I think pipecleaners could work quite well with the arms!


I can make a pattern for you, I think this would be fairly easy. I have been making patterns for about 2-3 years now


i feel like the body would be easy, just an oval, kinda like making a pickle, and for the arms and legs it can just be chains and sc. for the nose u can do a bobble stitch. this can be done completely no sew. if u want the white in the eyes, what ive done is cut white felt into a circle and stab a safety eye through it and then attach it to the ami. and then embroider the mouth and eyebrows

for the body, u can look up pickle patterns and just not do the bumps. for the arms, you can look at leggy patterns, for example leggy frogs, to understand how they’re attached

edit: i should’ve looked at the comments first , others already said to use pickles and leggy frogs lol


for the body, you can just start with a mr, increase a bit and just sc around so it becomes an oval tube-y thing and for the arms and legs, you can make a tube and then insert pipe cleaners.


Exactly what I was thinking, a pickle and use fuzzy yarn with chain/slip stitches for arms and legs.

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I think it is so easy to crochet eyeball the shape and size and crochet a Slender figure and add legs and arms to that shape

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Helloooooo so I’ve just made it cus I was unwell for a while but it’s done now! Pic attached, It turned out great :+1:t2:

Thanks to all of you for your help and ideas :)))


Congrats! It came out great