Anyone do any of this shops patterns? I love them but there are no free patterns so I can’t assess the quality of the patterns before buying them. They’re too expensive for me to just buy them and find out it’s of poor quality.

Just DM me, thanks!



I don’t own a pattern by them, but I do know they have an Etsy shop and they have a lot of sells and good reviews on them so I imagine the Ribblr pattern should also be good, just thought to mention in case no one who owns a pattern dm’s you :smile:


I actually have 3 patterns from them that my brother got me as a gift. I have only done one of the three: it was easy to read, has tons of pictures, and assembly instructions.
Skimming thru the other two seem to be the same quality.
I owe Grogu with pod (which is the one I made), Mandalorian and Grogu, and Plumers and Pipes
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks everybody. I was thinking of taking advantage of the sale.
I really appreciate your honest opinion.

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they look very legit I have not tried their patterns maybe wait for a good sale or reach out to them and try to test some of their new patterns. You can also reach out them and try to get there patterns for cheaper by advertising them after you make the product if that makes sense.

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