Messy Amigurumi

I’m new to ribblr and amigurumi right now. I have been trying new patterns with 6 bulky yarn and a 4.5 hook, but when I do amigurumi projects they look messy. I’m wondering how to make it look more neat (like the pictures), how to tell if its inside out+how to flip it properly, and what loop to crochet into (both, front, or back). If someone could answer these questions and help me that’d be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!


Hello! Based on my experience, getting better is a journey of practice and learning new techniques.
I’ve posted numerous resources on the community board. Type amigurumi into the search bar and you will learn alot.

Right now, the fastest way to get clean crisp stitches is to yarn under and not yarn over.

Try googling yarn under in amigurumi and you’ll find lots of videos demonstrating how to yarn under.

And welcome to Ribblr!



Welcome to Ribblr! And to Amigurumi!

A 4.5 hook sounds small to me for bulky yarn. I usually use a 4.0mm hook for worsted weight and an 8.0mm hook for bulky yarns. That’s just my preference though, so definitely not the universal standard for what hook to use lol. But if you’re noticing weird tension, then you might want to adjust hook sizes.

You’ll always insert the hook through both loops, unless the pattern specifically says otherwise.

Even tension is also important. Find what feels right for you and go from there. You can always adjust your tension on future projects if you notice your projects are turning out smaller or larger than intended.

With bulky yarn it can be tricky to tell the right side from the wrong side. The right side will be what’s facing you as you crochet. You can add a stitch marker as you’re crocheting to indicate which side is the right side so that you know after you finish off a piece.

I hope that helped some. Feel free to ask any other questions! I’m no Amigurumi expert, but I do crochet a lot of it haha


I think the yarn tension is very important. When I first started, I didn’t put enough tension, but when I started to crochet tighter and with a regular and consistent tension, it started to look neater. It just happened by itself with practice, I didn’t mean to so it :slightly_smiling_face: It helps to wrap the yarn two times around your index finger. I also use a smaller hook than recommended on the yarn labels.

We crochet in both loops unless it says BLO = back loops only for example.

Also I find it’s easier to watch video tutorials than follow a pattern in the beginning.


Hello! Don’t feel discouraged if your projects don’t look like you want them to, especially if you are new to crochet. The most important thing is to keep practicing and not to be too hard on yourself.

A few techniques you can try to help with amigurumi are:
-yarn under (previously mentioned)
-use a stitch marker in the first or last stitch of each round or row so you don’t lose track
-Use invisible decreases
-Use invisible increases

YouTube was a huge resource for me when learning new techniques like these.


I 100% agree! Tension is an issue for lots of beginners, and practicing it can really help the overall look of your projects! Hope I helped!


It comes down to mastery of tension, techniques and stuffing.

Use pins , stitch markers or dowels especially with the bulky yarn.

I’ve used 4mm hook with 6 bulky yarn and it works but my fingers were so sore afterwards., however the Amigurumi worked better for me then the recommended hook that’s on the yarn label. I’d say for that just practice your method of tension how you hold your yarn for delivery allow it to glide vs drag.
Bulky yarn is hard to tell with front and back loops so normally you’d go under both stitches unless otherwise indicated. If it’s a back loop or BLO you can use a embroidery needle with helping you find the appropriate loop.

So when you start with say a mc working in the round tuck the tail after pulling it tight that’s the wrong side. Also the patterning on the front looks like either a V or an X depending on weather you yarn over vs under.