Middle Finger, middle joint swells at night and hurts.

I’ve got a middle finger that I’ve been trying to stabilize because I hold my crochet in my left hand with my middle finger being bent.
Tried splints, trigger finger stuff, “sleeves”, etc.

This is the only thing that works. self adhesive bandage or AKA Coban.
Brand name Coban is expensive in my opinion. A high quality generic works just as well.
You can also adjust the compression with a bandage where with all the other stuff I couldn’t.

Just an FYI if anyone else is suffering!

If your finger is blue, like mine is​:flushed:, then it’s too tight.


omg thank you so much for that! i struggle so much with my Index finger, gonna try this! :black_heart:


Hope it gets better soon!!


Just to clarify, crochet just exacerbated an injury from when I jammed middle finger HARD on something. Remember the pain but not the something!


Awesome that this wrap thingy works for you :blush: I’ve had that happen a couple of times too. Generally when I spend a whole day crocheting. My compression gloves seem to help. They are quite tight around the fingers so it does a similar effect I guess.

But I’ve been having joint pain & circulation issues for ages, it runs in my family, so bad XD. There is RA in the family, as well as Raynauds, just to name a few. Plus I have severe anxiety and believe it or not it makes fingers swell up quite a lot :dizzy_face: when the therapists at my group therapy told me that’s what was happening I was like ohhhhh. That explains so much :thinking:


It helps to have a name or explanation for it doesn’t it? Otherwise, at least for me, I start to feel crazy.