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So I posted yesterday about yarn for a mushroom project, and I ended up getting bernât blanket in red and white. My newest problem is that I bought it in excess on accident. The skeins were bigger than expected, so now I’m left with a not even half finished roll and an unused one of each color. If you have any suggestions for what I should do with my leftovers, please put them below! I already tried to make something else, but since the yarn is so chunky everything is turning out huge.


This happened to me not even two days ago I bought 6 skeins of this yarn (3 one color 3 another) for a project I’m doing and from the looks of it I probably only need less than a skein each of the color lol :rofl: If you don’t want them to come out so huge perhaps look into mini (?) patterns so it doesn’t become too big, since the yarn will make everything bigger if the pattern isn’t using that weight of yarn, if that makes sense, or you can also search patterns that were written with that yarn being used so you know for sure the exact size you’re getting if you make it


This is why I use smaller hooks and ya it hurts the hands but the size shrinks. The min hook size I use for the bulky is 4mm that’s pushing it. I use a aluminum hook when I do that.

You could also make pocket frogs or leggy frogs , octos or even a Dino.
There is a free chicken pattern on here

That would look super cute in either color


It happens! Better to have more left over then not enough!

I suggest a Strawberry bunny!! (White bunny & red outfit):strawberry::heart:

These adorable little creatures came out not even all of my yarn so far.


Oh wow! I love them!!! The bunny came out so cute well to be fair everything came out so cute! Definitely keep posting your makes that come out of the yarn :laughing::yarn: white and red are such a cute color combination, you could even make multiple of the same project and sell some/gift some to friends and family :smile:

Ooo! If you do craft markets or a place where you sell your stuff, you can make a bunch of mini mushroom bois! :blush:

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Definitely recommend finding patterns designed for blanket yarn! If you use a pattern designed for thinner yarn your item will def turn out bigger. If you like to prepare for the holidays early you could make some Santa hats! Or ghosts with the white? I’ve seen some cute heart pillows, you could do a red one or a red and white striped one