Multi-word pattern tags

I’ve been a little confused about the pattern tags, and I thought it was just me, but now I’m not so sure. Is it possible to add multi-word tags? Whenever I try to, even if that exact phrase (e.g,. “lace cardigan”) comes up as a suggestion, Ribbuild seems to treat the words as separate and will either enter them as two separate words, or enter only one of them if the other word has already been used (for example, if the word cardigan appeared in the tags already, I would type “lace cardigan” and hit enter, and then only “lace” would appear). This may be by design, which is totally fine, but if so it would be helpful if the autocomplete/suggestions only showed one-word tags.

I also noticed that sometimes when I hit enter, a different tag is added. For example, just now I tried to enter “women clothes”, but instead I ended up with three tags: “women”, “doll”, and “clothes”. I’m guessing there was a “doll clothes” suggestion that it defaulted to?

I’d appreciate any tips you have on tags :slight_smile: Thank you!

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The tags on Ribbuild does not support spaces. Think of them as hashtags - a simple way for others to discover your patterns. They also have an auto-complete feature and with suggestions based on other tags.

Hope that helps!

Sorry I never saw the email with your response! Thinking of them as hashtags is definitely helpful. The only thing still confusing me is that the auto-complete suggestions are often multi-word phrases with spaces in them. Should we just use those suggestions, but write them out with no spaces instead? I’ve attached a screenshot with an example of an auto-complete suggestion.Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 4.51.30 PM

Thanks for bringing that to my attention! We’ll investigate this further. It’s best to stick to no-spaces for now, though.

Just a quick follow up to let you know this has now been fixed.


Thanks!! I’ll go try it out :slight_smile: