Music I listen to while doing fiber arts or crative stuff

Hey everyone! I have some music suggestions :heart::yarn:

Ive been listening to a lot of traditional Norse music while learning to crochet. Ambience music. Lofi. And stuff like this. Im trying to not have many lyrics at the moment for I dont get distracted!

What do you like to listen to?


I actually watch lets plays xD very rarely do i have music. Its just podcasts and letsplays!


I listen to Taylor Swift while i crochet bc her music, in my opinion, is such a slay!!


I like to listen/watch music and videos with words/talking since my brain will wonder off if there’s nothing for me to focus on lol, for me it’s a lot easier to focus on what I’m doing if I try zoning out what I hear if that makes sense lol

I like to find videos with lots of songs in them so I don’t have to click to find new ones and I like watching people play horror games so I have an excuse not to look at the video and get jump scared :joy:

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When i get crochet down better I’ll listen to audiobooks. Are they game lets play?

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Love music in general :grin:

When I listen to music I feel it needs to be upbeat and positive! Nothing else. Slow music puts me to sleep and sad music would make me depressed and not wanting to do anything.

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Oh thats such a mood. It has happened actually :rofl: ive zoned out with audibooks so :person_shrugging:

i listen to/watch crochet market videos while i work, but when i listen to music i listen to musicals i like. my current go-to is jekyll and hyde! :))

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Musicals are fun!


Taylor Swift

Or Wonka soundtrack idk why

Also Harry Potter audiobook :innocent:

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Yep! I love watching all games. From horror to cozy lol

I like to listen to podcasts or video essays!

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I love classical music for studying, crocheting, cleaning, and at any time. It helps me stay relaxed and finish my crochet projects.

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