Must all patterns be tested before publishing?

Hi my fellow Ribbler’s
I have a couple of really easy patterns that will be free, what are the pro’s and con’s of not testing a pattern first?


I get the feeling that people will not buy a pattern that does not have journals attached with reviews… Testing gives you this


Maybe just add a note in the intro, since they are free :woman_shrugging:t2::two_hearts:


You don’t -have- to; I have a couple simple easy freebies in my shop I didn’t test. But I wouldn’t be very comfortable putting out a pattern for money I didn’t test first to make sure it works. Likewise I look to see how others are doing with a pattern before I buy one. Testing gives you those for buyers to check on without having to wait for someone to risk and jump in then hope they post about it.

I’m not sure if this is a widespread feeling or if I’m just weird.


just put on them because they are free you have not had them test knit or crocheted butif the find a problem to send you a msg so you can look at it.


I will say free patterns I don’t mind not seeing tested, however, if I am planning on buying a pattern I love to see if people have tested- I don’t like to gamble spending money on patterns I don’t like to buy ones that haven’t been tested.

Even if it’s only 1 or two people testing, I feel good knowing someone was able to replicate it before I purchase it.


For me, I want to see how well the free pattern is written before I buy a pattern. If they write the free one well, I can conclude that the paid one is just as good.
So, testing is part of the process to see how well your free pattern is written.


You don’t have to test a pattern before publishing! It’s just a good way to get feedback from other people and get reviews, check spelling, etc. Hope this helps! :two_hearts:


If you have people test them id usually say thats better as usually before i buy/download a pattern i check the reviews and journals first (just to make sure im not gonna stress myself out)


Testing is not necessary, but it is better to do. I am glad that my patterns were tested, the testers found errors in all my patterns, I thought my patterns were perfect :sweat_smile: (before testing). I can’t thank them enough for the help! :sparkling_heart:


To be honest most of my patterns are tested but just not on here. Im still making the switch


My humble thoughts
No, you don’t have to have them tested, BUT I strongly recommend. Even if it’s only 1 person and they don’t make a journal. My free pattern I almost didn’t have tested, but last minute had a RL friend do it and was glad because I had a purl row listed for a knit row which caused a line of bumps that I didn’t want in the design. She didn’t create a project page, so no one saw the mistake, but I was able to put out a fully correct pattern (I also did not have her fix it as we noticed after bind off and I was able to get the info I needed)
Yes, many designers really want the journals because it does help people choosing whether to buy or make a pattern, but for me I wasn’t too hard pressed since I don’t plan to make an entire living off of my patterns and it is a free pattern… If you are going to make this a business, it would be worth having it tested and have journals made with reviews, even for the free ones


Good advice!