My first crochet bikini

Hiii so I recently took my crochet WIP to school and surprisingly ppl got intrested in it and asked me to make them stuff. So first off: a bikini.
This one’s for a friend and still don’t know how much to charge for it, she brought the materials so I was thinking $1200 Mexican pesos. It’s a checkered halter b-cup top and a custom bottom. The top will have long strands so she can cross them on the front.
So if anyone has any suggestions feel free to help.

Furthermore I wanted to show my progress (I’ve already done the cups) because I didn’t use a pattern, I’m creating my own and that both excites me and terrifies me sooo here It Is, this Is the first pic I have of It

I’ll just upload the updates

Here (last pic) I realized the checkered pattern was off on the top so… Ofc I frilled like two rows and remade the pattern but It did look way better (I think)

FINALLY finished the first cup and I’m absolutely proud

A ss from insta bc I forgot to take a picture but started the second one (first one already stitched blocked)

Aaaand I’m actually impressed with myself, finished the second cup on less that two hours​:pleading_face: (stitch blocking on progress)


Charge what you think it is worth :relaxed:


Girl, at least $40 USD.


1200 pesos is around $60 USD :wink:


I think you skipped a row on the second cup!


No :joy: that was just me being so excited about finishing I was careless on the pic, but thanks​:relaxed: