my patterns PDF download question

Hello makers!

I am not super tech savy, and need a little bit of help.

I downloaded a written pattern from my shop by clicking the “free pdf” option.
How do i download the link that opens into a pdf?

thanks for your help & have a creative day,
(Affordably Crafty)


Hi Kim,

When you download a PDF version of your interactive pattern you should be prompted with a window. You can then either save as a PDF or print.
I hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

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Are you wanting to send the PDF to someone else? If that’s the case, you find where you downloaded it and send it from there.

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You may be talking about a program that opens pdf files? You can download a a free PDF reader from Acrobat. You can download it from their website. Since it’s free you can only open the files to read and can not write or make changes. They also offer the full program at a price.

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