"My Shop" Button isn't working?

Is anyone having issues trying to get to OTHER fellow Ribblr shops? Whenever I press “My Shop” button from THEIR profile it brings me to MINE.



This might be a bug/glitch as I believe last night I tried clicking someone’s shop and it sent me to Ribblr’s shop (since I don’t have shop) it was pretty late though and I can’t recall who it was or if I was just seeing things lol :rofl:

Tagging @Ribblr so they can see this :smile:


Yes sometimes mine does that! Sometimes i dont even see “my shop” on someones profile & I know they have a shop! I just log out & back in and it works


I have this when someone posts a link to their shop, it just sends me to mine


This could happen if you started as a crafter and opened a shop later. By logging out we reset your session, so once you log in again (via your homepage - important step) then click the community icon your profile will reset accordingly and your shop should appear with the correct link.

A similar issue could happen when you have changed your username and the same steps should be taken. Hope that clarifies it!

If you are still facing issues please message us, we have a (small yet dedicated!) team working 7 days a week to support you :smiling_face: