my sock pattern theory and announcement

I wanted to take just a moment to announce that I have just published my new sock series, and I think it’s truly different than most you have seen.
this series comes with the standard options of blunt toe and wide heel or pointy toe and narrow heel, but also a third option that I’m excited about!
While all three formulas will give you the option to work with persons that might have dexterity or motor skills issues, this third option (Spats sock formula three) is designed specifically with medical needs in mind.
Medical issues like edema, poor healing, neuropathy, or anyone that just needs a more generously sized sock than usually available.
and a quick note about my sock formulas.
I only work toe up, I honestly don’t know why anyone would do it the other way around. Get the hard part out of the way first, check your fit from the start, and never run out of yarn halfway through the second sock…that’s my kind of option. But if you are determined, you can easily convert these formulas to cuff down versions.
These are a little different from the standard patterns that you are used to. You decide what shape and construction you want, choose the formula and work a swatch in ANY YARN you like, on any needles you like! You take two measurements on the foot you want to work with and your gauge from your swatch, fill in the blanks (A, B, C, D, E and so on) using simple math. Those answers will later be referred to in the pattern and you just swap the letter with your answer. Once you’ve done it a few times, you will be able to just swap out stitch patterns and yarns on a whim and make a perfect sock every time. That is why the picture is the same for each series, because I wanted to stress the construction, and not a pattern.