Nako Mona Lisa Yarn 100% Premium Acrylic

188 yards a skein: usually 22 cents per yard. On sale at Mary Naxim for 1.99 about 10 cents a yard but limited color range.
I saw it selling on Etsy for a ridiculous 32 cents a yard.


This could be an optjon for me I have the hardest time with Caron Simply Soft :rofl:. I have some Premier Ever Soft. It’s just as splitty but I like the texture better. It has really nice colors too, it has an intense lime green.


Caron so Soft is too slippery AND splitting, a frustrating yarn to work with for me.
I’m making the rocket blanket with Nako, it’s not as soft as Caron So Soft, but definitely softer than Red Heart.
I’ll wash the blanket when I’m done making it and see if it gets softer.
This yarn is also OKEO-TEX Standard 100 making it safe for babies.


Lime Greerreeen!!

green explosion GIF