need advice

Hey, so where I live yarn is really expensive my sister just applied for knitting and she got free yarn any ideas where I can apply I really want to pursue my interests looking forward for your replies


Could you buy yarm online, or is that still expensive??

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actually the yarn online is cheap but shipping is really exoensive bit thanks


What about Facebook marketplace? Or destashify? Also, thrift stores sometimes have yarn come in, and if you make friends with the workers, they’ll actually set stuff aside. Sometimes. Depends on the thrift store policy of course, but it can’t hurt to try

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Oh!! I almost forgot!! If you’re into making stuff to donate, most places that do project Linus also have a yarn bin to take and use for blankets. You can’t just take it to make stuff to sell, but if what you’re wanting to do is just create, then having the end goal of donating blankets for scared and/or sick kids is a very satisfying way to run through a bunch of yarn

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