Need “Easy” Crochet Ideas

hi, ribblr, long time no see. my mental health has been pretty bad recently. i don’t want to make this post into a vent but essentially i had to stop seeing my therapist several months ago and have REALLY struggled to find one since then. adjusting meds and doing trial & error to see what works is really exhausting too. it all feels so tough and i’m not coping well:/

i’ve been passing the time by watching crochet tutorials and videos on the internet, but i haven’t really felt inspired to pick up a hook. i’m so stressed and my depression has caused an art block of some sort, so im wondering what i can make that might bring me some dopamine with minimal frustration….

i’ve been crocheting for several years or so and i think im decent enough at understanding patterns while i struggle a bit with charts. my most recent projects have been some triangle bandanas with long tassels to tie and adjust the fit. i have a tote that’s completely full of yarn and a variety of crochet hook sizes, so i’d be willing to give anything a shot if you have suggestions:)

another hobby im trying to pick up currently is coordinating to exchange snail mail with a few online friends, and i’d love to send them something eventually, but i’m unsure what. a bracelet of some sort? a charm? a lighter/chapstick holder or something practical? i’ve never made anything like that before but what sort of things would you consider sending a person you exchange letters with?

thank you for sticking around to the end of my post. if you have any patterns you’d like to share that you find bring you dopamine/joy to whip up, please do share the project or pattern so maybe i feel inspired :purple_heart:


Please get better!! There’s this one lucky clover charm pattern by knotmichelle: you could send this to them to give luck to them!


If you’d be interested in a quick amigurumi pattern, my shop has a few free patterns that you can try!:yellow_heart:


Bookmarks if they’re readers? There are a bunch of cute ones on here for a variety of interests.

And good luck with the adjustments. Hopefully, you’ll get the right answers for you soon! offers of internet hugs if wanted


i hope you get well soon!! here’s some of my most recent projects, I’d love to see anything you make!

projects ✨

as for gift ideas, keychains seem to appeal to people alot, since they’re so versatile. there’s some free amigurumi patterns on my shop, btw!!


i have a little bee pattern that would be good. it’s super small and easy. i do hope you begin to feel better soon


thank you everyone for the ideas and well wishes and internet hugs:) i really appreciate it

all good ideas! i like the idea of bookmarks, i hadn’t considered that! and a lucky clover would be small enough to perhaps fit in a normal envelope which could be convenient :thinking: amigurumi is something i’ve been wanting to practice as well, but i didn’t know where to start. a little bee sounds doable…. i have plenty of stuffing for making plushies, i should plan to use it eventually haha

i’m going to keep browsing patterns on here but i wanted to get some input from you all first:)


hope you enjoy making some amigurumi, they’re my favorite thing to make


Hey, I hope you get better! :people_hugging: Here are some of my fav quick and easy patterns: FREE Baby Dino Pattern: Crochet pattern | Ribblr
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