Need help from our Tunisian crochet designers!

Hi, Ribblr’s Tunisian crochet designers! :purple_heart:

I wanted to consult with you, and ask if it’s possible that a Tunisian crochet pattern will also have instructions for regular crochet (So, will also utilize regular crochet stitches like sc, dc and other…) all in one pattern?

Looking forward to hear from you all!
Lir X

@Abbeymade @OneLittleHook

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Hi Lir!

Yes, it is totally possible. I have a Tunisian crochet pillow cover pattern that has a traditional crochet border.

~Julie, OneLittleHook


Thank you Julie! I! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi Lir, yes most Tunisian patterns will have a little bit of standard crochet in it. There are some differences though.
Eg in my current pattern writing I’m making a lot of entrelac squares. I’m using an sc bind off on the tops of the squares and there is a sl st used as well. But to make the sc, the hook is inserted as per a tss stitch. The sc still looks the same but the insertion point is different to normal crochet. Designers will still call this sc though.

Most commonly you would see ch, sc, sl st. I sometimes add in hdc and dc in some borders.

Hope that helps


Yes, that helps a lot! Thank you for all the details, we want to build Ribblr in the best way for all the fiber arts, so I wanted to hear from crafters that know more about tunisian crochet patterns :blush:


Hi Lir,
I love to see you asking this!

Yes - totally possible. I’m actually publishing a pattern soon that’s a Tunisian/Standard crochet fusion (ch, and hdc, are used).

Thanks for the work you’re doing - i’m enjoying figuring the site out.


Hi Ruth!
Thank you! We want to build Ribblr with and for the community, and I always aim to hear feedback from you. Especially for an art like Tunisian crochet, which is now getting more popular but is still relatively new and growing, compared to regular crochet or knitting.
I’m looking forward to seeing your designs on Ribblr!
Lir :purple_heart: