Need help with ideas of what to crochet!

I have a lot of yarn. Thick and regular of all random colors and I have no clue what to make. I’m typically an amigurumi crocheter but I’m always open to trying something new. I particularly like my thick yarn and for the moment I have yellow, black, white, pink, light blue(only a little bit left. for Everything else I have about 1 skein), dark blue, grey, and bright green. Any Ideas?


@binka and @Scarletskies have cool patterns, so maybe something from their shops!



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My great nephew stays with me a lot and he likes Lucas the Spider. Maybe you could make some of the small characters on there!

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Why not make a small christmas tree?

great idea thanks!

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Yellow, black and white are the perfect colours to make a bee! U could even use pink for blush. I’ve seen loads of adorable bee patterns here!
Hope this helps!!!

You could make a bee! You could also make a strawberry cow, since you have pink and white! Or with blue and white, you could make a whale!

Christmas tree decorations

Thanks everyone!!

Amigurumi t-rex/ bronto?