Needle size and yarn

So there’s this sweater vest I want to knit (mena_knits on yt) and she uses sport weight with a 4.5 mm needle. I was wondering, since I usually use worsted with a 4 mm needle, if knitting the pattern with worsted would come out the same size as sport, if I use the same size needle. I figured it might be the same size, just like- denser if that makes sense? If that doesn’t work, can anyone help me convert the pattern to be knitted with worsted yarn on 4 mm needles or something?

Watch the gauge swatch portion carefully. She explains how to adjust for different yarns/sizes.

Basically her gauge was 20 stitches for 10 cm, if yours is 15 stitches for 10 cm you will cast on less stitches to make a garment the same size.

10cm= 15sts
45cm= 68sts

Good luck!


Oh, I see! So I can convert to the number of stitches I need by using a conversion ratio! Thanks- that makes a lot more sense now

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Awesome sauce!

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