New and want to know how to get started

Hi I’m really new to crochet and wondering the best patterns and how to read them.


Oh my, there are SO MANY patterns. What are you interested in doing? Clothing, amigurumi (plushies, as my son calls them)…?


So many options and types of patterns!
I guess you need to start with what type of project are you interested in trying, and how do you best learn? (written, charted, or spoken?)


Welcome to Ribblr! I hope you enjoy it here, as for the patterns there’s so much here, on YouTube, and online! Like Wendywo745 said, what are you interested in making first? I suggest doing something simple and even searching on how to read a written pattern for reference there’s a ton of terminology like US and UK, etc so depending on what area/language you’re most comfortable with the patterns available may be different

Just a little note, pay attention to your crochet hook end some are sharp and pointy while others a re round, the sharp ones create neater stitches but could snap the yarn if you’re not carefully while rounded ends don’t snag as easy,

Here’s a video for just a single crochet stitch, I’m not sure how new is really new but I’m assuming a complete beginner so I hope this video helps, in the video they mention that they only focus on one thing a video so, looking through her channel might help you out

Here’s also how to read written patterns I believe she’s using US terminolgy

There’s other types of patterns but on here it’s typically written unless otherwise stated different, if there’s any confusion or more questions, feel free to ask, no need to fear, there’s no such thing a stupid questions :smiling_face:


Ribblr usgood in that if there’s an abbreviation of a stitch, you can normally click it to see a little video of how to do that stitch.
If you say what kind of items you want to try I’m sure we can suggest dome patterns to try.
I have a number of simple plushies for free you could try. I’m always happy to help with any questions but my fly and my chick are really simple. The candy is pretty easy too.
There’s loads of clothing or houseware patterns too in the tab. You can refine search for the materials you have but I’m happy to share some other patterns I have saved that have simple instructions if you prefer domething else :blush:


several of us are doing some sort of give away right now, including myself, just scroll through the posts and have a looky loo


I suggest picking something quick that has only a few basic stitches to practice first :slight_smile: once you get the hang of it you can move to more complex projects and start learning more. My first project was a granny square blanket.


Thank you all so much, you all are so nice. I think I want to start of with something simple like the granny square to get used to the movements and then move on to amigurumi.
Thank you all for the help.


I just started crocheting about 2 years ago by looking up you tube videos. Face scrubbies we’re my first thing because they are small and easy. Then I moved on to simple Amigurumi. When I was ready for written patterns I would Google the stitch on YouTube if I got stuck.


I only started in November last year. I purchased one ball of yarn and one hook (Aran yarn and a 4.5m hook)

I went straight for the single crochet, once I felt I mastered that I would undo it and went into the double crochet. Then to be honest, once you’ve got those two the rest are different variations of the same stitch.

My main tip for starting crochet is to use the same ball of yarn. Instead of feeling like you need to buy loads of different colours, you can simply undo what you have done and use that same yarn over and over again​:blush:


I started with a granny square. It’s nice because it’s repetitive enough you get to practice making stitches, but turns into something fast enough that I felt accomplished lol and you can make them big or small and the hook size and yarn doesn’t matter too much for it to work, so you don’t super have to know what you’re doing.

I couldn’t find a basic one on Ribblr, but this one online seems good.

Yarn choice newbie tips - start with a solid color yarn and a shade that’s not light nor dark. Too light or dark makes it hard to see what you’re doing when you’re new, same for multicolored.

Newbie hook choice tip - start with something bigger like a 5 or 6mm. I like the pointy tipped Susan Bates for amigurumi and they aren’t too expensive (work your way down to like 4mm or 3.5 later once you know what you’re doing).

You’re off to a great start just getting on an app like Ribblr and being around a ton of other fiber artists who are super excited for you and here to help! Keep us posted on how it’s going! :tada:


Welcome to the Ribblr community!


A looky loo

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