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Hi! I just started crocheting about 2 weeks ago and I’ve crafted three projects already and I love them! I’m a broke college student looking to start a small business (maybe on Etsy?) but I want to make/sell amigurumi keychain animals because I think it is so fun and the cutest thing ever! Does anyone have any good teeny tiny patterns or any advice about starting a small business? I could use all the help I can get <3


Good luck with the new business! The only advice I would give is to check any patterns carefully for whether you can sell what you make for profit. It might be better to design your own.

Good luck!


Do you have a college group? perhaps you can post photos of a few items you made to see what people are interested in buying :slight_smile:


Lots of patterns state whether you can or cannot sell the finished product (most I’ve seen say you can sell them just give pattern credit in your listing). If it doesn’t say you can try to reach out to the designer :slight_smile:

I recently started my Etsy shop. I would recommend watching a lot of YouTube videos about how to open a shop . Also consider starting an Instagram page for your future business early to start gaining a following


Look up Crochetpreneur. Her website and even her Instagram have lots of helping articles/ posts. She also has a free Crochet business summit coming up in a couple weeks and will be opening the doors to her Crochetpreneur Business Academy to new members after the summit!


Hi there! In early March a friend and I started a small business and sell crocheted items on Etsy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We have an Instagram account for our small business, and I think it really helps to get the word out about our business, so I would really suggest getting an Instagram account :blush: (my friend manages and posts things on it, we both make content for it) I would also suggest getting patterns/ideas for patterns ready :blush: Also, get the word out! This is really important :blush:
Another thing to keep in mind is that Etsy charges .21 cents for every product posted.
I hope this helps! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi and welcome brynleeb I glad to here that you have fallen in love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: with the art of crochet and I think it’s great that you want to start your business while at uni, I would also love to start my own business too. I have no experience but definitely getting a social media presence also there are books out there on setting up crafting businesses.