New Mouse Pattern & 50% Off Everything!

Not sure if there’s any Redwall, Lord of the Rings, or Mouseguard fans here, but I created this pattern in homage to those series and so many others that helped shape my childhood. Saoirse is a semi-posable little mouse, ready for adventures, and just in time to be part of the 50% off sale on my entire shop! This is my biggest sale of the year, so I’d love for you to go check it out and see what you think :heart:


Good luck with the sale and congrats on your pattern release :smile:

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Thank you so much!

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Congrats on your latest release! Good luck with your sale

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Thank you!

Sale ends tomorrow night! (AEDT)

Sale ends tonight (AEDT) :scream_cat: I can’t imagine I’ll be having a big sale like this for a while, so get in quick!