New Name

Hello everyone,

I am thrilled to share some incredibly exciting news with all of you. After much contemplation, I have made the decision to embark on a rebranding journey, transitioning from Yellow Mittens Design to the all-new identity of My Gorgeous Knits. While Yellow Mittens Design has played its role admirably, I firmly believe that My Gorgeous Knits truly encapsulates the depth of passion and dedication I pour into crafting each and every piece.

This carefully chosen name embodies the essence of beauty and uncompromising quality that I infuse into every single knitwear creation. The thread of gratitude I hold for your unwavering support is woven into every stitch, and I am brimming with anticipation to continue this incredible journey alongside all of you.

Should you have any inquiries, reflections, or simply want to connect, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your presence has been an integral part of shaping this exhilarating new chapter!

With heartfelt warmth,



I love the explanation you have of your new name! :smile:


Ooo! I love that name!


Congrats!!! How exciting, I hope all goes well with your new name! And I can’t wait to see what new doors this opens for you!!! You have the heart that truly describes what it means to be a creator, artist and crafter. Congrats :white_heart:

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