New pattern: Kingsday Crown

Are you dreaming of becoming a queen or a king? Are you Dutch (like me) and celebrating Kingsday at the end of the month? Or simply looking for a fun, quick project to do?

Introducing my new pattern for a crown! With this pattern, you can now create your own regal headpiece without breaking the bank. Small crowns - for amigurumi for instance - are a perfect way to use up small bits of leftover yarn.

Originally I made this pattern just in one solid colour (orange, of course!), but as I looked at it, I thought ‘why not make it in red, white and blue, too?’ and from there it was a small leap to make it with orange included. I’ve included the instructions for when to change colours, too, since I had made these anyway.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


Congrats on the pattern release! :crown:

Side note - Not being Dutch, I had to go look up Kingsday. Koningsdag - Wikipedia Obviously, it is on the internet, so it has to be true - a huge flea market (vrijmarkt) is part of the celebration? Sign me up!

Happy upcoming birthday to your King & enjoy your holiday!


I am part Dutch. (part a lot of things, haha). I was told my maiden name meant “new house” in dutch. Maybe that’s why I like to move so often. :wink: Love the crown. (after a bit of research maybe the name is from the Welsh side of me … oops. :grin:


Congrats on the pattern release and have fun celebrating the upcoming Kingsday :smile:


Congratulations Congrats GIF by Goldfish

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Thank you!

In this instance, you can trust the internet - those flea markets are definitely part of the celebration! Even very small villages will organise those, usually on the town square, and the vrijmarkt is my favourite part of the celebration!


That sounds amazing. It would be so much fun.

Thanks for sharing with us!