New Patterns - C2C Farmhouse Animal Graphgan Squares

Good Sunday morning everyone!

I’ve finally completed uploading my C2C farmhouse animal patterns here on Ribblr! I got my inspiration and names for all the patterns from my adorable animals my husband and I raised on our farm years ago. I miss them all.

You can use the squares individually to make pillows, tote bags, etc. or combine them to make a pretty blanket like a did.

All patterns in my shop will be 20% off today (SUNDAY 7/10/22)! Hope you stop by my shop for a look.

I’m in the process of putting all my flower C2C patterns on Ribblr also. They will be available soon.


Thats precious. I feel sad at the widespread loss of the local farmers in the USA. its like we cut off our leg and have yet to realize it.


Thank you! I know, it’s a crazy new world we live in! Ugh!!