New / pdf question

I bought a pattern but I can’t print it out. I’m really not liking this site cost me $7 .


I’m sorry this misunderstanding happened, because ribblr really is an impressive site with so many protections and features built in.
All of the ribblr patterns are meant to be interactive and used within the ribblr system. Kind of like sending your purchased ravelry pattern to paid apps you connect to, except ribblr provides all of it for free. Your stash, your wishlist, your testing, your journals, and all of your interactive patterns are all integrated into one place , on any device, at no cost.
The closed system allows for copyright protections for the designer, automatic updates and corrections of the patterns, direct contact with the designer for questions, and the guarantee that you will have access to the pattern even if the designer removes their account.
If you still feel the need to have a printed copy of the pattern, you have the ability to contact the designer and ask for them to consider sending you one.
I hope you give ribblr a chance and this issue ends in a satisfactory result.