New Ribbuild idea

Hello fellow Ribbuild-ers and @Ribblr . I have another suggestion for Ribbuild to be penciled in. :wink:

When creating a pattern, I have it listed in sections. For example, on this pattern, it says Toes, Foot, Heels, Ankle.

But let’s says, I want the “Toes section” after the “Heel section” (not realistic, just work with me …). On Ribbuild, I can use the check mark and select all the lines I want moved, and I can move them all at once. (Yay. It worked without merging them first.)

Anyway, could you make a way we can “check off” a complete section all at once? Then we could move them, or delete them, whatever needed. Please.


Thanks for another great suggestion!
I’ve registered it to be considered to be added to one of our next feature drops.


another suggestion…if I tick the boxes and highlight the boxes, I can drag, delete, change sizes as a group. I can also duplicate as a group, but I cannot renumber as a group.
I mean that if I have a set of instructions that will repeat for another size but in different line numbers, I can’t click the boxes and change the first number and have the rest of the lines change in sequence like they will for sizes. That would be immensely helpful in editing for times when you have to add or remove a line and then change the line numbers to all be sequential again.


oh… and the ability to “uncheck” all the boxes that highlighted them with one click in case you need to


Sorry we missed your message! :smiling_face_with_tear:
FIY If you right click you can then choose ‘deselect all’.

We recommend adding a new topic next time so we can keep track of it. :raised_hands:


I have tried that, but it does not work on my laptop, maybe if I used a mouse?


Any right click should work, and definitely with a mouse too!
Sometimes on some laptops a right-click gesture is actually a two-finger tap so you’ll have to double check yours.


What??? You are so cool. Worked for me. Thanks.


I have tried every which way, I’m in there A LOT. The best method I have found so far is to make a heading to mark where I was and then exit edit mode then enter again and go find where I was (still want the go to menu in edit mode)