New to designing patterns

Hi, ive never written anything down when ive made things before. Always made things freehand but I want and need to learn to write them. Only thing is I don’t know how, when to do it… any advice would be appreciated.

Ive tested patterns for others too and i think i would like to start on the design side soon


Hey! That used to be literally me hahaha. Just do the same thing as you usually do, but this time just write it down! I’d recommend writing it on Ribblr instead of paper, that works better for me. Good luck!!


Thanks that seems like s simpler way than what I wwas thinking of trying. I will have to work out how to do that lol. Glad to know im not the only one who does this… or should I say did that. I was debating if I needed to record my hands crocheting stuff and then watching it and writing it down but that seems a long way of doing it. And probably more complicated too.


Thanks :smiley:


I am new to ribblr but I always keep a design journal with me in my purse (aka knitting and crochet bag) so when I am working on a design I will write down what I am doing as I go. Even if i have my phone or tablet with me I still will write it down on paper so If I am not able to get to my phone or tablet I can write down in the notebook then when I get a chance I can input it into the computer. I also write my pattern in a word document as well just so that I have a backup just in case.


Thanks. I think my crochet bag has become part of me as i never gi anywhere without it lol. I will have to get a book to go in it to do that.


There are MANY resources for people who want to learn how to write a crochet pattern.

strong textFor the love of all that is green,

For the love of all that is green!

please use terminology already provided by whomever is setting the standards in your country.

In USA, it is the Craft Yarn Council. This council has some courses that you can take.

Doing it this way will make it easier for people to read your pattern so that they have a positive experience with your pattern ( and the designer​:wink:) and you’ll be fielding less questions from crocheters, and your patterns will have a more polished look.
Also, if you add a graph of stitches used in addition to above, you can charge more for your patterns.



Thank you for all your advice. Its really helpful. Im in the uk so eill look into that so it will be a better and easier pattern to read. Oh ok, that’s worth knowing about adding a chart.

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