New to ribblr: Please check out my shop and my two makes!

I believe I made a mistake in my first post when I said that I had two makes and two patterns. I actually only have 2 makes, and my first pattern just dropped right now! Go check it out!

Also if you’re looking for cute things to crochet, go check out @crochetbykittengrll . She is absolutely amazing!

Also, once again I am new on ribblr so it would mean the world for anyone to check out my page and maybe even buy something! My marshmallow pattern is now free and I drastically reduced the price of my duck! Thank you so much to the people who have been so supportive and kind!

Also, I happen to be having artist’s block on what I should crochet next I was thinking a Pokémon character or someone from a cartoon or anime of some sort but please let me know what you think!:heartpulse:


i cannt buy cuz i dont have a stripe acount

That’s fine​:smiling_face: