New to sewing with machine, Any advice

So I’ve been doing Knitting, Crochet and Cross stitch last 12 years along with some resin but I want to get into sewing clothes dresses/shirts ect.

I have a sewing machine but I’ve no clue where to start with sewing so any advice would be much appreciated!

Yes i can sew for the other crafts but even then i only know how to weave in ends haha

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I would start with YouTube. You can look up the PBS sewing tutorial shows (the name escapes me, but they went on for years).
I like to watch the historical dressmakers on YouTube because no matter how much you know, you can always learn something new (Nicole Rudolph is my favorite because she really takes time to explain types of fabric and basic structure and tailoring)
And look for books at the library, especially the encyclopedia type ones, when you find one you really click with you can always find one used for a good price.


Do you have a sewing machine as that will be a good start


Yeah a brother sewing machine since 2017 just haven’t had the chance to learn


“it’s sew easy”. Is the name of the show I was talking about… And Brother is hands-down my favorite brand of machine that I’ve owned so far


Find yourself a sewing shop where they can give you lesson and show you the basics of threading, straight sewing, zigzag. We’ve got Spotlight in NZ and i think they’ve got videos on how to make and create sewing things.


Hey, Ive been sewing ever since I was kid since my grandma used to be a seamstress and I went through her tough school XD.
I’d suggest you get used to your machine first and learn some terms, learn how to equip thread etc. It’s not difficult but the most issues Ive had/have are usually with me loading the thread in wrong.

If youre feeling insecure Id suggest youd get started with “basic” patterns first. There are a couple of easy free patterns on ribblr for you could check out Mood Sewciety for free patterns.

Its always good to start small and have some early success then getting frustrated and quitting right away. Id also suggest youd start with cheaper fabrics as in try and get some from a thrift store, etc if you can because I feel like I high pressure Ive felt was wasting or ruining an expensive and beautiful fabric. That is not to say you shouldnt look for quality and most importantly: the right fabric type for a project, but I feel like it helps taking off some pressure.

I dont know if I can help you with anything without having a concrete issue to solve though. But I hope it helped a little? Like you can always get back to me if you want to though ^^


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Hello my advice comes with my expirence so i don’t know if it will work for you. I started sewing watching videos of Fashion Wizardry un YouTube. So i basically started with thrift flipps then i gain more confidence and started sewing with patterns and stuff. Good luck <3


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