Newbie question, reordering lines in a pattern

Hi, I’m about to ask a couple of basic questions as I struggle to create my first patterns here.
I have put some lines in the wrong order in my draft pattern. (It’s a dyslexic thing, don’t ask, :crazy_face:) Can I reorder them? I assume there is a way, but can’t find it. Pic shows lines in wrong order, I just want to drag 3 above 4, but can’t figure out how.

  1. The patterns I’m working on at the moment are for hat, scarf and mittens in the same stitch and tension. Can I copy/paste the parts from the first pattern into the second one that state tension etc so as not to have to re type?

  2. What’s the best way to send the draft pattern to my tech editor?

  3. Is there a way to confirm if the system is understanding my abbreviations and linking videos?

Sorry for the deluge of questions, still trying to get to grips with it.


Hi all i can help with is Ribblr have alot of videos on YouTube that might help you.



  1. You can use the 6 dots icons to drag lines easily. (the one on the left)
  2. You can duplicate the pattern using the settings menu next to the pattern in your shop, this is especially useful if you have a similar base for many different patterns!
  3. The best way is to set them as tech editor via your Shop Manager. This means they’ll have access to all your Ribblr patterns and they’ll be able to edit them on Ribbuild just like you. Please make sure you only set someone you trust to avoid losing valuable data
  4. Sure! Just exit Ribbuild mode by clicking the Ribbuild icon (brick icon) - you’ll then see the pattern just like a customer would!

For more help feel free to ask anything or visit the help center:

There’s also a manual for Ribbuild with a full video tutorial:


Since you are dyslexic, I will recommend you watch the tutorial videos for the ribbuild. It’s much harder to put into words than to show all the little buttons and what they do.
I am in the process of publishing my personal collection of patterns, and many of them are very similar or use the same base pattern… The job would be much harder without the ability to duplicate a finished pattern!


Thanks for this reply, about to go try your help out in practice.