Newborn baby (neighbor)

My neighbor is having a baby in a month! What should I crochet for the tiny new infant coming to the world :slight_smile:


How about a beautiful baby cocoon. Makes bubs feel like he/she is still in the womb.


I find it best to ask people what they’d like. I used to give surprise gifts but they’d end up in storage but asking has had parents excited about having an item they wanted specially made.
I get to see the items in prams etc too so I know they’re loved :green_heart:


Baby booties and hats could be good gifts! :two_hearts:


I agree it’s best to ask. In my experience if you ask you know they will like and use it. I usually ask for pictures when I give things. The ones that end up showing me photos are the ones that have had input; with either size or color or even what they get. The ones I’ve surprised never get me photos even if they said they would. I sent a baby gift to my old babysitters daughter we asked what size she was low on and I based the gift off that. It took her almost a year to get me photos but she did, they loved everything even though my sizing was off for some of it.


Personally I find many who sew, knit, or crochet make blankets… So I tend to go with clothing type items… I also noticed that most give newborn or 0-3 month size, so I try to give larger sizes
I like figuring out what size they should be for the next winter and doing a sweater and hat set (if born in the winter, then I do 9-12 months as they should be able to wear it in the fall also)… So a baby born in Aug will probably be in 3-6 month this winter (or you could do 6-9 month for spring as babies still need a little more warmth in the spring… Of course this is all speculating that they live in a more temperate climate and not in, say, the desert…