No idea what I am doing wrong, please help

I’ve decided i am wanting to learn tunisian crochet. I watched a youtube tutorial for a hat from Custom Comfy Crochet by Dawn.

The pattern says begin with a ch of 70. The initial chain fits around my head, but when I do the pass back through, it shrinks by about half. Any tips or tricks? Or any idea what ai may be doing wrong? I love the look of tunisian crochet so I would really love to learn.


No idea, but I’m following because I want to learn too! Maybe you can message the video creator? Or perhaps Reddit might have something? I’m sure there’s forums for beginners.


I didn’t even think about reddit. I’m going to check that out, too.


Check your tension with pass back. Im making an elf coat with Tunisian my first garment and
Tension really counts.
Morale fiber has great tutorials on Tunisian you can find her on YouTube. What stitch are you working with?


I have no idea what stitch to be honest. Lol i think it’s just the basic one?
I chained, then on the pass back, i pulled through 1 stitch, then 2 stitches until the end


The only way to tell which stitch it is is where you insert your hook. It might be the Tunisian simple knit stitch. I’ll see if I can find Regina’s blog where she teaches it.
Don’t give up keep practicing because my first go wasn’t easy either. I know two stitches but I’ve seen some really cute ones.
I’ll edit with the blog on this comment
This is for the Tunisian knit stitch

I really love her explainations so hopefully this helps. She does have other Tunisian stitch tutorials on this blog. If you need anymore assistance please let me know.


Thank you so much! I’ll definitely check it out