No Sew Turtle | My First Pattern on Ribblr

This is my first pattern on Ribblr if you didn’t read the title which you probably did read it.
If you didn’t read my title, this is a turtle pattern. It’s also my first pattern on Ribblr.
(Act excited) And to celebrate this being my first pattern, it’s 10% off(!!!)
If you want tips on starting your own business on Ribblr, feel free to ask. I’ll try to reply. I’ll try as best as I can (which isn’t necessarily good) but anyways the point is ↑
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How cute! Congrats on your pattern release :smile: (I also added some tags) when you become a member you’ll be able to share links so when that comes definitely consider sharing your SelFee link either to your shop or pattern :smile:

I’m so happy someone acknowledged me and my pattern’s existence :smiley:

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Aw no problem! I forgot to mention that I loved how tiny it was, what yarn did you use? :smile:

Worsted weight my aunt had some unused yarn from when my cousins ended up not learning how to crochet

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Congrats on your first pattern release!