Not sure if pattern writing would be worth it for me...?

I have a small little business selling my stuff to people at Anime Conventions and online, and I love doing it. I’ve never really been focused on designing or writing patterns, but with my recent tiktok success I’ve had a lot of people ask for patterns.

I’m not sure it’s worth my time to write them all (I wrote a pattern for my paw gloves a few years back and made like $50 for the 15 hours of work it took - oof). I’m also afraid my items aren’t even all that unique enough to warrant the need for patterns…

But I made a Google Form survey to see if everyone’s interest would maybe be worth it for me to add this as a part of my biz.

So far the results say… maybe…? if I can find some more interested people! I’d love to hear your thoughts! :3


I’d definitely buy your patterns, I have cat people in my family who would go crazy for the colorwork hat and mitts. Money made on patterns is over time by being up on sites for people to buy, you won’t make up your time on the pattern quickly like selling the finished item, but over time you should do well. When you sell at shows there is limited time for people to have access to them. The more venues you have to put your patterns on the more exposure people have access to see them. Be sure and put a light (so it doesn’t obstruct the buyers view of the written pattern) copywrite logo across the pattern pages, shame that we have to do that to protect our work. Also a claim that they can not resell the pattern, as some people are not respectful of others time and hard work.


Also, income from pattern writing is passive income that can grow over time.