Notifications for pattern comments

Hi, Is there a way for me to get notified when someone comments on my pattern. For example, journaling or adding a review. I know I’m notified when someone directly messages me, but The only way I found to know if a review was made is by opening the pattern.

Hopefully you understand what I’m trying to say

It could also be fun as the pattern creator to not have to open the pattern to know how many people as it in their wish list or bought it


Once in a while, I will get a notification that a new journal was published… But as far as I know, for now, the only way to know is if you go and look for it.
As far as the second part…
In your shop manager, you’ll find the top 10 patterns in wish lists and a list of every pattern perchased (user names should be coming at some point) and every pattern gifted /free
Just go in there and start clicking everything and see what all you find


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The second part I already knew about it. I’m just lazy and sometimes it takes 2 minutes for me to see the number, but my wifi as a mind of its own.


In always forgetting how I got to something so I’m always clicking on random things to find something


I’m going to tag @Ribblr to see if there’s anymore information than @grannyroomcrafts said concerning this topic. :slightly_smiling_face:


Unless you turned it off manually you will get a push notification to your phone when someone publishes a new journal for your pattern (including an image, and when it’s a public journal)


This is only if you use the app though, right?


Jumping in to help! :wave:

You should get it via the app or email. So if you have the app, that’s where it’ll be. Otherwise via email.

AFAIK and to avoid bombarding you with tons of notifications potentially you get max 1 per day, and as @Ribblr said it’s only for journals that are public and have photos added to them.

Just make sure you haven’t turned it off: