Olgamigurumi on SkillShare

Olga has a few classes on SkillShare. I watched the one with embroidering faces on crochet doll.
It goes step by step in beginning.
She doesn’t show you everything but I have some principles to guide me as I do the faces. Light bulbs went off for me! I think I can do this without crying on the inside. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Following is the review I left on SkillShare.
It appears that the teacher produces their own A/V presentations. The A/V on this one was excellent! Music in the background while voice in foreground. All of it was crisp and clean.
Thank you for the subtitles! Now I have some principles to guide me as I embroider toys. The material was presented in a progressive manner.
I’ve been looking for about 10 months, combing through the internet, trying to find out anything about embroidering faces. If that’s you. This is an excellent place to start!


Sorry for my ignorance on this, but I don’t know what skillshare is…


It’s a paid app where people upload content related to their skills. You can learn a lot of stuff on there :wink:


Kind of like that platform Creative Bug, where various people teach on different aspects of crafty stuff.

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